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The shh…promise

At ON! Juniper we want to provide products that don’t harm the environment, are economically responsible and respect human rights and well-being.

As a mum I’m also aware of the pressures facing kids in the 21st century. ON! Juniper products have been designed so kids can use our products to help express who they are and be proud of it. We’ve developed the shh…promise to do just this. It’s our commitment to provide the foundation to help kids feel empowered and make empowered choices when it comes to their body.

  1. Self-aware: growing awareness about the environmental, health and social benefits of organic and natural ingredients. In providing a reasonably priced option that kids can afford and feel empowered through the opportunity to choose organic and natural, over conventional brands.
  2. Healthy: offering products largely and wholly from organic and natural ingredients without common fillers, allergens, no added preservatives.
  3. Happy: products that are fun and innovative, putting a smile on customers’ faces and communicating messages that support kids’ empowerment, showcasing their individuality and celebrating who they are.
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