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ON! Juniper - award winning organic and natural bath bombs and lip balms for girls and boys that are fun and innovative. Handmade with organic and natural ingredients that are moisturising and gentle on the skin and free from artificial ingredients.

What's In A Name - ON! Juniper

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What's In A Name - ON! Juniper

Tess Ackland

ON! Juniper may be a peculiar name for a company. I get a lot of misspellings, which to be fair, are probably grammatically correct! The truth is ON! Juniper was chosen, not only because I thought it was catchy, but because it really does represent the company’s values and essence – fun organic + natural products for all children.

So, let’s dissect it! 

ON! Juniper


O – stands for Organic. It is capitalised because we think including organic ingredients is really important! We feel organic is healthier (no controversial pesticides). Equally important, when we buy and use organic ingredients it means we as entrepreneurs and you as consumers are supporting sustainable farming techniques. This helps us in contributing to a healthier world.   


N – stands for Natural. Similar to using organic ingredients we are passionate about including natural ingredients in all ON! Juniper products. Yes, artificially derived ingredients enable us to make products more cheaply and pass on a lower price point to the consumer as they often have longer shelf lives and the processing can be less costly. However, we truly believe it is healthier align our natural bodies with natural ingredients, ingredients that, like us, have evolved and adapted over millennia. At the end of the day, we think natural is superior! 


! – yes, we include an exclamation mark at the end of ON….why? Simply put, going Organic + Natural is fabulous and the benefits of going Organic + Natural deserve to be heralded and shouted about. 


Juniper – means young, youthful and evergreen. The Latin derivative, ‘juniperus’ is a combination of ‘junio’ and ‘parere’. Juniomeans young, which is handy as we make products for children and kids! Parerecan mean to produce or deliver, and in combination with junio, can extend to meaning youth producing or evergreen. These concepts reflect the fabulous customer base we develop our products for. We produce our products by hand out of Surrey, UK for those aged 5-15 (and we can attest that those adults who are young at heart have also enjoyed our products). 


Equally noteworthy, Juniper has historically been used for girls’ and boys’ names. As ON! Juniper develops products for both boys and girls, this non-gender specific name is a perfect way to align ourselves with both boys and girls and find a platform to unite genders rather than create separation and division. Granted there are some instances where separation is ideal, like maybe toilets, but when it comes to bath and body products, we feel there isn’t a need to create a gender divide. If a boy wants a bath bomb that encases a lovely bracelet, or a girl wants a lip balm adorned with a wolf, why should we say no? 


One of the beautiful concepts behind our products and packaging is that kids can decide what they want and how it looks.  ON! Juniper is all about providing choices for kids so they can shout about who they are and be proud of it. 

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Tess is the founder and Owner of ON! Juniper, an award-winning fun and innovative brand for kids that supports them in making positive lifestyle choices. Visit