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ON! Juniper - award winning organic and natural bath bombs and lip balms for girls and boys that are fun and innovative. Handmade with organic and natural ingredients that are moisturising and gentle on the skin and free from artificial ingredients.

Colourants within my Bath Bomb – a family adventure

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Colourants within my Bath Bomb – a family adventure

Tess Ackland

If you have kids, you’ve at one time or another probably bought a bath product that colours the water. It is a fun experience which can be a lifesaver during periods where the word ‘bath’ can evoke screams of NOoooo. Regardless of all the ‘how to’ mantras out there on how to raise kids, I’ll raise my hand and say that within those sleep deprived moments filled with minimal patience, bribery can seem like the only light at the end of the tunnel.

I have caved and bought bath products to decrease obstinacy and invoke a sense of fun with bathtime. In speaking with friends, I find solace that I’m not the only one!

I bought several types of bath products previous to starting ON! Juniper. At that time, the colourants included within the brands I found were synthetic, used mica or included glitter. Without taking too much time focusing on the cons of these ingredients, I’ll keep my point here short by saying there are a combination of social and environmental reasons not to buy products made with synthetic colours, mica or glitter.

For the benefit of my kids and my own peace of mind, I started researching and experimenting with various organic and natural colourants, and this included testing various colours during my daughters’ bath times. Some of the colourants have been hits and made it into my Super Colour Bath Blastic bath bombs and others haven’t made it past initial bathroom trials. Take for instance annatto seeds. They are known to add a brilliant orange-yellow colour to foods. If good enough to eat, they should be safe enough in the bath!!

In bath water however, annatto seeds aren’t so brilliant. Ever hear the adage – don’t eat yellow snow? Well this applies equally well to bath water and hopefully you get my drift! Also, if you don’t like the idea of yellow water, please don’t try cocoa powder! On the heels of my cooca lip balm – which smells lovely, btw – we (me and kids included) thought cocoa bath water would be as luxurious and comforting as a cup of warm cocoa. Unfortunately seeing my kids sitting in brown water did not conjure up comfy, relaxing and hygienic feelings. 😫

The other thing with annatto seeds is they really do stain. When I say stain, I mean the skin, not the acrylic bathtub. After our experimental yellow bath, my children emerged with a very robust jaundice glow. After a mild panic attic (me) and a shower with some soap, we managed to scrub away most of it, leaving only a small hint of a tanning session gone wrong. To my relief no one actually noticed…or maybe everyone was being very polite.

So bottom line – from one parent to another – avoid synthetic colourants and use only natural and organic colourants. No mica (child labour and health issues) and for the love of our watercourses and fish, please, NO glitter!

I also have a bag of organic whole annatto seeds, just shy of 1kg, in case anyone is interested….


Blog by, Tess Ackland

Tess is the founder and Director of ON! Juniper, a conscious lifestyle brand that supports girl empowerment through building self-awareness, health and happiness. ON! Juniper hand-makes organic + natural lip balms and bath bombs for girls.