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High Street
Woking, England, GU22


ON! Juniper ~ hand-making pure, award winning Organic + Natural bath bombs and lip balms for girls.

ON! Juniper's Story

ON! Juniper's Story

In 2015 my eldest daughter started showing interest in make-up. I looked high and low for products that weren't full of synthetic ingredients, which have been linked to various health ailments like cancer, elevated estrogen levels and learning difficulties. Like all parents, I want the best for my daughters and that includes personal care products that won't harm them. Without any options on the market, I did a lot of research into various ingredients to determine what is safe, what isn't safe and all the grey areas between. Further, I looked into preservatives to determine when they are really necessary. The result pushed me to create bath and beauty products that my daughters love and that I'm comfortable with them using. 

From here ON! Juniper was borne, placing girls' health and happiness at the forefront. Our products are: 

  • Made with Organic + Natural (ON) Ingredients
  • Free-from gluten, nut and wheat based oils and butters
  • Without the addition of preservatives
  • Cruelty-free and vegetarian-friendly

We achieve this by continually investing in research and development for alternatives to conventional formulations. We also don't sacrifice product quality for increased profit margins. With this approach, ON! Juniper is and will continue to be a brand that parents can trust and girls can enjoy.


Tess Ackland

ON! Juniper Founder