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High Street
Woking, England, GU22


ON! Juniper ~ hand-making pure, award winning Organic + Natural bath bombs and lip balms for girls.


Why We're Exceptional

ON! Juniper is Exceptional because we are:

  • Organic & Natural (ON).  We have yet to find another brand out there that is both all-organic and all-natural. Many products out there advertising themselves as organic or natural still contain synthetic, non-organic or harmful ingredients. Why? There is currently no legislation defining ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ within the beauty industry. Even products certified as organic are not required to be fully organic. ONjuniper products are made from ingredients that are only organic and natural. 
  • Innovative.  Our products are fun and unique. How unique? We've gained intellectual property rights the design of some. We continue to reinvest into the company to develop new, trendy and fun products. 
  • Revolutionary.  ON! Juniper is a brand that inspires empowerment and provides a voice for positive change. Through our commitment to the Shh...promise, ON! Juniper provides a platform to empower girls to be self-aware, happy and healthy. 
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Preservatives.  Many companies add fillers to increase profits. Many of these fillers can irritate the skin and/or necessitate additional preservatives. ONjuniper does not use fillers and our products have been formulated to not require additional preservatives. All our products undergo testing to ensure they are safe. 
  • For Girls Aged 5-15. There currently isn't much out there for girls aged 5-15 that is shares ON! Juniper's approach to only organic and natural products.
ON!Juniper Super Colour Bath Bomb Video