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Keeping it sustainable

Sustaining the Environment.

We only use ingredients that are certified organic and derived from natural sources. This means we only buy ingredients that follow organic farming practices (no pesticides, non-GMO seeds). We also source locally ingredients when we can and all of the manufacturing takes place by hand in the UK, cutting down on our carbon footprint.

We also only use ingredients that biodegrade within the environment they are released into. For example, anything that goes in our bath bomb biodegrades within the water course. For this reason we currently do not use glitter. There isn’t any glitter on the market that is 100% biodegradable. Once one is available we will start adding it to our product lines.

Our packaging has also been carefully thought out in order to minimise our environmental impact. We only use products that are biodegradable and when this isn’t available, recyclable. All cello and packaging peanuts are biodegradable. Our pyramid boxes include paper with full FSC® or PEFC accreditation and the printing inks are vegetable-based and biodegradable. Furthermore, the printing process uses LED-UV print technology, which is much more sustainable than conventional systems.

Economically Responsible.

Part of ON! Juniper’s ethos involves making organic + natural products available to children and families at a reasonable price point. Some of our items may be slightly more expensive than others made with non-organic and synthetic ingredients, but we have kept the price points comparable. Unfortunately it is difficult, and many times impossible bring the price point below non-organic and non-natural competitors. This is simply because the cost to grow and manufacture organic ingredients is simply more expensive.

Respecting Human Rights and Well-being.

We make products for kids and with that said, the wellbeing of children is at the forefront of our minds. For this reason, we don’t support any processes within our supply chain that harm or undermine children, kids, tweens and teens.

As a result, we don’t use mica in any of our products. This is a natural mineral for which the excavation currently contravenes international labour laws protecting the rights, health and safety of children. Until we can find a manufacture of mica that can unequivocally show us that these laws have not been violated, we will not use mica.

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