Achieve Your Dreams and Goals with 4 Key Strategies

Did you set goals for yourself last year? How many of your goals did you fulfil? Was it by sheer luck or hard work, …or maybe a little bit of both? A little luck is always useful, but you can’t count on it. To achieve your dreams and goals, it takes hard work and commitment.

This month I’ve been developing ON! Juniper’s short and long-term business goals. There are some simple and achievable goals, while others require more strategic thinking and long hours. In order to realise them however, there are four key strategies that I always incorporate. These strategies are not specific to me or my business, but generic enough to apply to any situation and any person.

Given we have embarked on a New Year, January being the month of resolutions, this newsletter looks at some simple ways to make the most of 2020 to achieve your dreams and goals.

1. Stay Grounded, Be True to Yourself

There is a lot of hype and social pressure to act or look a certain way. I talk about this with my daughters every day. They are at the age where peer pressure, and the desire to fit in, can outweigh logical decisions. We’ve tried to provide our children with a solid foundation based on core values of honesty, kindness and integrity.

Staying grounded and being true to these core beliefs is also how I’ve shaped ON! Juniper. Providing the highest quality organic + natural ingredients, for example, will never change. Using clear and kind messaging that engages and empowers youth will always be at the forefront. Staying grounded and being true to your core beliefs will always help to identify who you are and where you want to go.

2. Work Hard, Play Hard

Owning a business can be all-encompassing. It’s easy to get weighed down in the work and disregard activities that can relax and recharge your body and brain. I’ve learned that there has to be a balance between work and relaxation.

In my university days, the motto “work hard, play hard” was reinforced many times. I was studying a Bachelor of Environmental Design. It included a lot of theoretical and practical work which equated to 60+ hours a week. Pulling all-nighters prior to a project deadline was common. It was during this time that I realised the value in planning my time, being focussed and working incredibly hard to meet a deadline. Once the project was completed, it was time to relax and rejuvenate. This life lesson continues to stay with me.

I have to admit however, it can still be difficult to carve out my play time. I’ve been known to cancel a Pilates class to meet a deadline that I’ve placed on myself as high priority. Carving time out for ourselves is underrated and many of us brush our own needs aside whether it be for work, family, community, etc. At the end of the day however, our bodies and brains need to rest and recharge.

3. Learn From Mistakes And Become Better, Quicker, Stronger

We are all human and we all make mistakes. Give yourself a break when it does happen. We all work hard and do the best we can our friends, family and ourselves. Learn the circumstances that perpetuated that mistake and make changes to stop a repeat performance.

4. Positivity Breeds Positivity

How do you start your day? What are your thoughts. What is your internal dialogue? Thinking positively and banishing negative thoughts and words really does make a difference in achieving happiness and your goals.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I was a government employee. I was good at my job, working on high priority and high-pressure projects. My downfall was internalising office politics in a negative way, rather than focussing on positive elements. I didn’t turn my back on the negative elements that I couldn’t change, so it festered into a blackhole. The blackhole grew as the negativity bred and I became depressed and disgruntled. I ended up leaving my job and a career that I had worked hard towards. In hindsight, I’d tell my former self to grasp onto and focus on the positive. The negative is there and may always be there. Rise above it and move on.

In addition to our internal dialogue, who we surround ourselves with also has a large impact on our success. Have you been around negative people and after leaving them, felt frustrated, angry or sad? I have and it depleted my energy levels and belief in myself. Do you want to be a positive force? One of the first and easiest things you can do is surround yourself with positive people.

Just as my goals change, these strategies are also in constant motion and never static. A life change, like the death of a loved one, or moving house can change and shift our priorities. That said, I find that no matter what happens in my life, these four key strategies keep me on course, and help me to achieve goals and dreams that I set for myself. I hope you find them helpful too, or perhaps maybe you already integrate some within your life.

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