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ON! Juniper Bath Bombs: Why we are different from LUSH and other high street brands

When you think of bath bombs you may think of LUSH or other high street brands claiming organic, natural and/or ethical qualities.  Bright colours, glitter or a fragrance that you can smell well before you enter the store. If this is what you want, I’m sorry, we’re different. This isn’t what you’ll get at ON! Juniper. This is our promise!

At ON! Juniper, we formulate our bath bombs with the highest degree of organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients that we can possibly manage. This means no synthetic colours, no mica, no glitter and no artificial fragrance. As a result, our bath bombs look and feel different from the standard (and won’t harm the environment!). In this blog, I’ll explain why we are careful in how we source our ingredients and hand-make our natural products for you and your children.

Good for the skin

If you have ordered from us, you know that the colour of our bath bombs are subtle hues of pink, green, yellow, blue or plain white. We use natural colourants, like kaolin clay. In addition to adding colour, kaolin clay also offers skin benefits from extracting impurities to nourishing your skin. Due to its qualities, it is fantastic on a variety of skin types from oily to sensitive skin. We don’t use synthetic colours for two further reasons: (i) we are committed to only using natural ingredients; and (ii) some studies have linked synthetic colours and additives with learning difficulties among children and health ailments. 


You may also be surprised to learn that many bath bombs that are bright and luminescent typically include mica. These bath bombs are indeed eye-catching and I understand their allure, especially with your kids. After careful research, we made a decision not to use mica (natural or synthetic) and here’s why. First, natural mica is often extracted in developing countries through methods that contravene international labour standards. Specifically, young children can be put to work in the mines, often in unsafe mining operations. This is not to say that all mica extraction operations contravene good international practices; however, without being able to control the source, ON! Juniper decided to produce mica-free products. Second, whilst some companies use synthetic mica, ON! Juniper has made a commitment to use only natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients aren’t considered, period. It’s a pretty simple stance, but sometimes simple is best. 


Glitter is often included to add a bit of fun and sparkle – and what child doesn’t like a bit of sparkle!? As a result, some of our customers have requested that we add this; however, we don’t use glitter. Why? Glitter is typically made with micro-plastics and they are deadly to fish and aquatic life. Recently, a company developed 100% biodegradable glitter. In this sense the plastic conundrum has been solved, but this glitter still includes aluminium (a product of bauxite mining). Given the negative environmental (and socio-economic) footprint associated with bauxite mining, we feel that it’s important to abstain from using any form of glitter to give you a truly green, sustainable and ethical product. 

Natural aromas

Aroma is the legally correct term for an ingredient which adds flavour and a smell to a product. The aromas we use are certified organic and 100% natural. They are made from fruit extracts and/or essential oils. Many conventional bath bombs made for children use synthetic fragrance or parfum (a collection of artificial fragrances that do not have to be disclosed). These have been linked to endocrine disruption, skin sensitivities and allergies. 

Our promise to you

The reason behind our strict policy of organic and natural ingredients comes from a belief that they are healthier for the skin and body. As a mum, I want the best for my kids. When I draw them a bath during the evening, it is a time of relaxation and renewal. This is best achieved using products that provide enjoyment, are made with integrity and provide benefit to the skin. 

At ON! Juniper we have developed the shh…promise. This is our commitment to provide products and messaging (e.g.: this blog) that helps you, our consumer, be more self-aware about what you are putting on your body and be happier and healthier from the use of our products. 

Comments or questions about this blog, or ON! Juniper? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you and keep the conversation going. 


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