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You’re Making An Impact by Shopping Organic and Natural

You’ve made an impact. We are all making a difference with the cleaner choices we are making to reduce our carbon and environmental footprint. In choosing sustainably sourced organic and natural bath and body products we are decreasing the entry of many polluting substances into our environment like glitter, artificial pesticides and phthalates. It is amazing and empowering once we realise how our everyday purchases can matter.

As a member of ON! Juniper you’ve used your voice to support sustainable, organic and natural options and I’m so glad that you have. The 1980s, during my teen years, I started to support environmental and sustainable causes when I could, from the items I purchased to the subjects I studied in school. Ethically, the decision to start ON! Juniper made sense, but building the brand and the business has not come easily. I’m not a trained entrepreneur. I don’t have an accounting, a business or a marketing background.

ON! Juniper turned 4 on May 19th. As I do with milestones, I reflect. In doing so I’ve realised the things that I’ve gained over the last four years are applicable to pretty much anyone, no matter your age or situation. I wanted to take the opportunity in this blog to celebrate turning four (30% of businesses fail in the first two years). I also wanted to share these reflections with you because I think they are relevant to daily life.

1. Identify your niche and why you’re the best. When times get rough this provides the foundation on why you need to triumph and see another day.
2. Go with your gut instinct; It’s usually right.
3. Focus.
4. Be confident. If you aren’t confident, people aren’t going to believe in you and what you are selling.
5. Be yourself. Everything you do is an extension of yourself.
6. Be creative. If someone tells you no, find another avenue to get to yes.
7. Think about how your spending will benefit your short-term and long-term goals. People are always willing to take your money, be wise in how you spend it.
8. Take help and guidance from friends and always make sure they know you are appreciative of their generosity.
9. Don’t be afraid to fail or receive negative feedback. This provides the basis for reflection and positive change.
10. Your client is the most important person in your business plan. If they aren’t happy your business isn’t going anywhere.

The last point is seriously important. I have and still find myself at times as a customer not receiving satisfactory service. As human beings, we all want to be valued and this is no less important in commerce.

In signing up to and being a consumer of ON! Juniper, you’re with a company that cares. We care about the impact our products have on the environment and you, the customer. I want you to feel engaged and happy. Sure, we don’t always get it right. If we don’t, please do get in touch. If we do get it right, we’d love to hear that too!

If you haven’t purchased from us yet, please don’t forget that you can receive 10% off your first purchase. If you’ve purchased from us in the past, prior to this coupon being available, please do contact me. We can work out a 10% discount for you too!

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