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Why I Buy Organic Cosmetic & Personal Care Products – Visit Us at Natural & Organic Products Europe

The organic and natural beauty sector is growing as more people are demanding products made from organic + natural ingredients. What are the reasons for the growth of the organic + natural industry? One reason is health. Many people, myself included, believe organic is better. This is being increasingly supported through studies that link non-organic practices (e.g. chemical pesticides) with health problems.

A recent 2019 study titled, “Organic diet intervention significantly reduces urinary pesticide levels in U.S. children and adults” showed that the human body absorbs pesticides through food consumption. For me, this solidifies one reason why I buy organic and supports my decision to focus on producing organic + natural personal care products.

Some scientists may disagree with the findings of this study, saying it was flawed or that its funders, Friends of the Earth, swayed the findings. Regardless, studies such as this confirm my belief that organic is healthier, whether you’re eating it or putting it on your skin. This conviction comes from a logical stream of thought: strip away the discussion and looks at how pesticides work. Most pesticides kill an insect by destroying its nervous system. Yes, insects are smaller than us and more susceptible to the effects, but if pesticides can kill an insect, what can exposure to these chemicals over time due to humans? To me, it’s obvious. It does the same damage, just more slowly.

This study, along with others, has linked pesticides with a number of health problems in children and adults, including:

  • decreased cognitive ability
  • increased behavioral and attention problems in children
  • asthma
  • cancer
  • reproductive and endocrine system disruption

We’ve seen a rise in these health-related issues. Sure, maybe not all can be linked directly to pesticides, but there is a good case to advocate for pesticides having some impact. With all the mounting evidence, there is undoubtedly a link between health ailments and pesticides, either through dermal absorption, ingestion, inhalation or transplacental transfer. It is clear that what we put on our skin, as well as what we eat, can have a direct effect on health.

Going organic just isn’t just about reducing health ailments; it can also actively improve health. Studies have revealed:

  • Higher levels of healthy fats like omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in organic beef and milk. These fats are linked with heart health and unfortunately, are deficient in typical western diets. “Saturated fat content in organic versus conventionally raised beef was similar or lower, while the percentage of omega-3 fatty acid was 47 percent higher on average across all types of meat.”
  • Higher antioxidant values. “…the concentration of a range of antioxidants such as polyphenolics were found to be substantially higher in organic crops/crop-based foods. Many of these compounds have previously been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including CVD and neurodegenerative diseases and certain cancers.”
  • The lower concentration of cadmium and incidence of pesticide residue “…pesticide residue was found to be four times higher in conventional crops, which also contained significantly higher concentrations of the toxic metal Cd.”

ON! Juniper products are made with the highest concentration of organic ingredients possible. Our lip balm, for example, is made with only certified organic ingredients. With our bath bombs, every ingredient that can be organic is certified organic.

I believe this makes our products healthier, gentler on the skin and particularly suitable for children with sensitive skin. Comments from parents echo this. They tell me their children’s skin often reacts to conventional brands, but not to ON! Juniper’s organic products.

ON! Juniper is taking the plunge this year and attending our first ever trade show, Natural Organic Products Europe (NOPE) at the Excel Centre, London on April 7-8th (Stand C-4). Because of the emphasis on organic + natural, we believe NOPE is a good fit for us. We hope to meet a lot of like-minded people who feel the same as us – organic is healthier and better for the environment.

This blog has focussed on the health benefits of organic ingredients. Please join me in two weeks for my next blog where I look at the environmental benefits of organic agriculture. Many people say that organic farming isn’t sustainable and actually harms the environment. I say otherwise!

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