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Easy Organic Vegan Chocolate Recipe & Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

💖February 14th isn’t far off now! Are you or your kids planning anything? My eldest daughter has asked for some Valentine’s Day cards and a gift to give to her friends…girls of course! At nine boys are still a no-go zone and I’m perfectly okay with this!

So, for my first blog of February I haven’t written about ON! Juniper or organic + natural bath and body products. Within our journey of leading sustainable livelihoods, upcoming Valentine’s Day provides a great way to change gears a little!

Easy Organic Vegan Chocolate

In my 20s I was a vegetarian for a couple of years. I didn’t quite make it to veganhood however, due to my love of ice cream and cheese! Nonetheless, my reasons for going vegetarian were based on concerns over the environment and animal welfare, the same concerns driving the vegan movement today. In the end I went back to eating meat because I wasn’t careful enough about meal planning. I ended up becoming very anaemic. So anaemic in fact I had to receive iron injections – ouch!

Now I’m older and hopefully a little more wiser! 😉 My core beliefs and principles however remain the same. I still feel an innate connection with the environment and a responsibility to live a sustainable life. I’m not perfect, but I do try! As a busy mum of two girls, a young dog, wife and running a business, it can become difficult. With the rise in veganism, I’ve put more thought into returning towards a more plant-based lifestyle.

When the idea of making some chocolate goodies for my kids to bring into school on Valentine’s Day popped up, I thought, why not go vegan? We did. And do you know what? It was absolutely fantastic. It was also easy. So easy in fact that my children took the reins and demoted me to sous chef! Of course in addition to going vegan we also sourced all-organic ingredients.

Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

I’ve come up with some fun and colourful cards that you and your kids can share with friends and family. I’ve created this on a fantastic graphic design tool website called Canva. I use Canva religiously for my social media posts. Here are a couple. You can find more leading up to Valentine’s Day on my Instagram and Facebook. Please do like, copy and share! 💕 Spread the love this Valentine’s Day 💕

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