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An Organic + Natural Lifestyle for Kids with ON! Juniper

In looking back over 2018 I have to admit I’ve not done ON! Juniper or you as a member justice. All good intentions aside, I’ve not kept up with blogs and doing a less than stellar job on social media.

The truth is I find social media one of the hardest and most awkward elements of running a business. Why? I’m an introvert. I’m more comfortable with face-to-face conversations with a handful of friends. This is not what the world wide web and social media or blogs entail! Sharing personal information with tonnes of people, some I may and may not know is completely foreign and every bone in my body screams a gut-retching and resounding NO, DON’T DO IT!

This said I love ON! Juniper and I am truly passionate about the organic + natural products I make. The kind words I hear from those of you who have purchased and the many bloggers out there who graciously included ON! Juniper in their Christmas Gift Guides keeps me going. It also makes me realise that I’m not alone in my thinking that organic + natural is better. I want to share ON! Juniper more readily with you and the growing number of people looking to buy organic and natural products for their kids.

So, for 2019, my resolution to myself and you as members of the ON! Juniper family is to bite the bullet, pull up my socks and be a little more vocal, sharing with everyone and anyone who wants to join in on the conversation. This includes a bi-weekly blog on the 1stand 3rdTuesday of each month, posting on social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) and sending out to members, a monthly newsletter.

Within each blog and newsletter I’ll be including tried and tested tips our family uses to lead a more organic + natural lifestyle.

Here’s Tip# 1 for 2019:

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m tempted to buy a lot at a bargain price. When I do, however, more often than not I regret it. The items turn out to be cheaply made and irritate my skin or don’t offer the benefits I thought they would. I don’t end up using them and they inevitably end up going to the landfill, which is the last thing I want! When I buy quality I’m happy and end up getting far better use and do reap the benefits…and no landfill! So, in 2019 I’m buying quality, not quantity!

I’d love to hear from you. Please do drop me a line and let me know your thoughts on anything related from tips you use to lead a more organic + natural lifestyle to comments about ON! Juniper products. There are multiple ways to engage:

Email: info@onjuniper.com

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Website: Contact Us

I look forward to getting to know you better in 2019.



Tess is owner and founder of ON! Juniper, a British business handcrafting award-winning organic + natural bath and body products for kids out of Surrey, England.

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